What if you could start enjoying lucid dreams right away? If you didn't need to wait for months and months to develop this amazing skill, but you could start tonight, and look forward to night after night of incredible lucid adventures? What would you do?

Ever wanted to sit on top of the Pyramids, or run along the Great Wall of China? In a lucid dream you can travel to any corner of the world.

How about putting yourself into the team for the Super Bowl or the World Cup Final?

Give yourself impossible adrenaline fuelled experiences, like skydiving out of a plane from the edge of the atmosphere

Or maybe you would rather just relax on a beach surrounded by beautiful people, all craving your attention.

Scientifically Proven Techniques

For a long time there's been a BIG problem, aside from a few lucky naturals out there, lucid dreaming is notoriously difficult to learn. The mean reason for this, is most of the advice and guidance available is massively out of date. In fact the techniques used by the vast majority of people to try and learn lucid dreaming are over 30 years old, and are not particularly effective.

You could easily spend an hour or more every day, for month after month and only have a handful of lucid experiences to show for it.

With those kind of high effort, low return methods, it's no wonder that sooner or later, most people give up. As a result less than 1% of people are able to regularly have lucid dreams.

But it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Developments in psychological and neuroscience research have uncovered the biological foundations of lucid dreaming, and given us proven techniques for inducing lucid dreams night after night.

We now know, exactly which areas of the brain are responsible for turning regular dreams into lucid dreams, and we know how to bring these areas online, even while you are fast asleep!

The Instant Lucid Dreams Toolkit has built on these findings, and developed a 21st century method which combines; Brainwave Entrainment, Hypnosis, Augtosuggestion, Subliminal Processing, and Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with the most powerful lucidity inducing techniques into a simple step-by-step process that you can use to reliably and consistently induce Lucid Dreams.

Putting your Lucid Dreams to Good Use

Be part of the new generation of lucid dreamers. Part of the community who aren't prepared to spend so much time and effort only to end up essentially relying on chance. Instead look forward to being able to have lucid dreams 'on demand'.

When you start having lucid dreams night after night, you can go beyond the thrill seeking adventures and also start putting them to real practical use, to improve the quality of your life.

That's because not only does it offers opportunities to have incredible experiences, that are just simply impossible to have any other way. It also has enormous potential to accelerate learning, increase understanding and self awareness. It quite literally gives us access to a few extra hours of time, to do anything, and I really mean ANYTHING with, every single day

You don't need to be kept up all night by those difficult technical, personal or emotional problems. Use a lucid dream to unlock the vast problem solving powers of your unconscious mind.

Having your own virtual reality world is the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity. Create works of art or compose music that you can experiment with and reproduce in the real world

Rehearse and prepare for stressful real life events like a speech or presentation.

Studies have shown that you can improve sporting techniques by practicing them in a lucid dream. So why not call up a master in your sport to give you the perfect practice session!

Instant Lucid Dreams Double Guarantee

Instant Lucid Dreams Toolkit is so powerful, that it comes with a double guarantee. Download it today and start Lucid Dreaming or you get a full refund - no questions asked.

Use the Instant Lucid Dreams Toolkit for just 7 days and you WILL have you first lucid dream!

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I am going to leave you with just one question...

What are you going to do when you go to sleep tonight?

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