Lucid Dreaming Articles

Lucid Dream Technique Profiles

Profiles of the most popular techniques for incuding lucid dreams. Find out what works, what doesn't, and simple step-by-step guides on how to use these techniques.

How to Start Having Lucid Dreams as Quickly as Possible

If you're new to Lucid Dreaming and just want to jump in and get started having your own Lucid Dreams as quickly as possible, here's the place to start

Biology of Lucid Dreaming

What does the brain of a lucid dreamer look like? As science uncovers the biological mechanisms behined lucid dreaming, discover how you can take advantage of the discoveries to induce lucid dreams more often and more easily

Technique Profile: Reality Checks

Reality checking is one of the oldest techniques for helping you trigger a lucid dream. It's stood the test of time because it's simple and it works. Something every lucid dreamer should have in their arsenal

Keeping a Dream Diary

Do your dreams seem to slip away the moment you wake up? Keeping a journal of your dreams is a great way to improve your dream recall, and gain access to insights about your own subconscious mind

Technique Profile: Setting Your Intention

The intention technique is one of the simplest methods you can learn for inducing lucid dreams, and involves very little time commitment or disruption to your sleep pattern.